200 Years That Changed The World

The Making Of in Timelapsed Video

The Making Of The Making Of.

Preparing for this video was a quick and easy task. I used the gapminder file stiching scripts to fetch & stitch together some data made available by the good folks at gap minder.

I used Screenflow to produce this video. It's a great app for screencasting and I used it for all of the videos on this site with the exception of those that are straight out of popcharts of course. So I launch Screenflow and go to work creating my chart with popcharts.

Because a time lapsed video is not a tutorial, voice over would not work well. So I went over to the pond5.com to get a nice sound track that I liked and added it as the video sound track.

A few minutes later, I'm exporting my video, and uploading it to youtube and facebook.