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Creates Beautifully Animated Charts

Scatter Charts, Bar Charts, Histograms & Dot Plots

Popcharts is an easy to use Mac application to create beautifully animated charts and export them to high quality video. Open up a CSV file, map the chart parameters to columns in the CSV file and you are done. If you want to adjust some aspect of the chart, Popcharts makes this really easy because it will resize all other elements in the chart to accomodate your changes. When you are done creating your presentation, exporting it to a high quality video file is only a click away.

Scatter Chart, Motion Chart

Scatter/Motion Charts

Animate up to five dimensions simultaneously!

Let your data tell a story! Animated scatter charts (or motion charts), allow you to animate point size, shape and color in addition to their X and Y positions. Color can be applied using a gradient, which allows it to change over time or it can be assigned manually. There are several built-in gradients to choose from or you can create your own. You can also animate the size of data points as well as assign them a custom shape. Popcharts handles missing values gracefully by either hiding them or interpolating between them. To make the animation even smoother try using path smoothing, which will use a bezier-spline for interpolating between known values.

Bar Chart

Bar Charts

You can even animate the sort order!

Sometimes the relative order of data elements is more important than values themselves. Bar charts can animate the sort order of time series and so can histograms and dot plots. The sort animation can either be instantaneous or slowed down a little for a more dramatic effect. You can also adjust the the thickness of the bars and the gap between them to improve the esthetics and achieve that perfect look.

Dot PlotDot Plot

Dot Plots & Histograms

Similar to the bar chart but a little different.

Want vertical bars instead or you prefer the clean look of a dot plot? These two types of charts offer the same features as the bar chart but draw themselves a little differently.

Lots More Features!

Popcharst goes out of its way to make your life easy.